Madrid — Northsails VR Experience

For our first ever international event, London Event Productions were asked to collaborate with the international sailmaker and cloting brand Northsails to create an immersive virtual reality experience for their customers. 


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Our team travelled to Madrid to build and conduct the experience for the client, using our in-house Oculus Rift VR headset. As part of their seasonal promotional campaign, Northsails wanted to create a virtual reality experience of swimming with sharks. The experience was part of a campaign to raise awareness to the protection of our oceans and to dignify sharks in a particular manner.


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North Sails wanted to reward all its customers who took part in their competition with a VR experience tour that they could try out in selected stores. The goal was to create an experience that is not only entertaining but above all conveys an important message on environmental protection.


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Drawlight were commissioned to create the 360˚ video. In their own words 'whether it’s real or virtual, there’s no doubt, swimming with sharks is a truly extraordinary and exciting experience. It will strike our hearts and, why not, motivate us to protect our planet and the species that live on it.'


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As well as providing the Oculus Rift and VR compatible equipment, London Event Productions also provided the custom made archway for the event to provide the perfect backdrop to the day and further enhance the guests' experience. 


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