Lime Street — Internal symposium

London Event Productions is often called upon to install reliable wireless PTT talkback systems. We complement our systems with a distributed loudspeaker PA in white to create clear and uniform sound for 20 - 500 delegates.

Below is an example of an event and production video (because we love making videos). 


In this example, only the chairman is using our touchscreen edition, however, these can be upgraded to all include this providing personalisation, voting and interactive ways for delegates to talk to any member in the room. This is achieved through a personal speaker built into the unit or discrete earpiece which can also be upgraded to include live translation. 


In order to win the job we created 3D renders of the event layout to allow the client to see their event first hand prior to the day. We take our city firm relationships very seriously and our goal is to raise the bar for London's meetings and events regardless of size.