Claridge's — Be Well Collective

In February 2019, we were invited to produce an event in the 5-star luxury hotel Claridge’s in Mayfair. The hotel hosted a networking event and  of the Be Well Collective, created by renowned model and nutritionist Sarah Ann Macklin.

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The initiative was created to provide insight and assistance to models and members of the fashion industry about nutrition, health and wellbeing.

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Attendees were invited to attend the networking event on Monday morning and sit in on a panel discussion with speakers from all walks of life. Working for creative agency Electric Sunshine, our main role was to provide production for the panel discussion, including lighting, audio and video support.

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Before the talk, guests had a chance to mingle, network and enjoy some delicious — and healthy! — treats provided by the event partners.

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We installed a 6-speaker distributed PA system in white and black to match the two rooms we used at Claridge's: The French Saloon and The Drawing Room.

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For stage wash, we used white Source 4s with a unique surround design to emulate the furniture of the venue and blend in with the surroundings.

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Our videography team was also on site to broadcast a 4K live relay video feed of the event in the reception room and to record the show for the client.

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You can watch the timelapse of the build below:


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