Citizencon 2949

In Autumn 2019 we took to Manchester for Citizencon — an annual conference dedicated to the ground breaking computer game Star Citizen. Over 1300 rabid fans descended on Manchester Central for a day of presentations, inside scoops, cosplaying and more — we provided a complete event management service as well as full production throughout 5 seperate areas of the venue.

Upon arrival guests were treated to the Anvil Lounge — an area sponsered by Anvil Aerospace, one of the leading in-game ship manufacturers. This area hosted LED blueprints of Anvil's new ship, a social media mosaic and a live ice sculpture of the brand new Anvil Carrack! This was a surprise reveal after the ship was unveiled via a promotional video in the main hall.


The Main Hall was the centrepiece of the entire conference, home to multiple presentations throughout the day including 2 presentations at the start and finish from Chris Roberts himself. 

In the Crowshaw Auditoriam we constructed a second stage which was home to presentations about the tech behind ship audio, alien languages and in-game prisons.

There was a "War Room' with 50 high-end gaming computers for guests to try out the newest game mode Theatres of War. 

Drawing influence from Blade Runner and numerous in-game locations, we constructed a futuristic marketplace with stalls from in-game corporations and food vendors, complete with a dynamic hologram!

Returning to the main hall, guests were treated to a cosplay competition where the most dedicated fans dressed in their favourite characters from the game.

After a long day, Chris Roberts and the senior execs stuck around for a lengthy signing sessions with guests queueing around the entire main hall for a final chance to meet the senior staff responsible for the game. 

See you in the verse!