Benugo at The Magazine Restaurant

Having recently been taken over by Benugo, The Magazine features a flowing membrane roof and columns that flood natural light into the room. Sheer glass walls also give the impression of dining in the surrounding garden, providing the perfect surroundings for your next event. Chef Tomas Kolkus has developed a menu that puts sustainability and seasonality at the heart of the kitchen, ensuring maximum taste and minimum waste.


Working alongside Cooking Sections Climavore project on exciting new dishes, food is utilised to follow the new seasonalities resulting from the climate emergency. Fish is never farmed but line-caught, herbs are from Growing Underground in Clapham where they are grown hydroponically and seaweed features due to its high nutrition, zero irrigation properties.


The chef

The team 

Even the menu has a story – it's printed on 100% recycled paper made with grass fibres at Frogmore Mill in Hemel Hempstead, on the world's first mechanised paper-making machine dating back to 1895, and still in use today.




All-day dining

Sweet treats


Open from 10am for breakfast, then all-day dining and drinks.